Northshore Family Partnership 

Information Meetings 


Northshore Family Partnership is a Kindergarten through ninth-grade site-based choice school that supports an inclusive, supportive community of families that seek an alternative model of learning for their children. NFP is intended for families who have made the choice to teach their children at home.  In this program, certificated teachers oversee learning plans in which parents serve as the primary educators.  Families collaborate in a true partnership with teachers to plan for instruction, observe student growth, and prepare for learning activities that excite and motivate each child as an individual.

Because parents provide education in all subjects required for promotion and graduation, students supplement their home learning by selecting courses from a catalog of on-site classes available through NFP.  Certificated teachers guide students in learning with peers and participating in meaningful, real-world learning experiences.  Classes are small, project-based, multi-age, multidisciplinary, collaborative, and hands-on, providing students with the opportunity to dig deep into exploring ideas, concepts, and skills.  

NFP has a robust and supportive parent community with a PTSA that provides additional enrichment and resources, including supplemental educational resources and workshops for both parents and children.  For more information, see the Northshore Family Partnership link on the NSD website.  In addition, there will be two NFP information meetings for new families.  Please join Principal Gary Keeler to ask questions and learn more about NFP.  We look forward to serving your family in NFP. 

NFP Information Meetings 
Wednesday, March 10th from 6 to 7 PM 
Monday, March 15th from 3 to 4 PM  

Use the following zoom link to attend the information meetings:


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