Kokanee Chosen as 2020 UW IPP Demonstration Site

Kokanee Chosen as 2020 UW IPP Demonstration Site

Kokanee Elementary School is a large elementary school with a deeply committed, inclusive staff supporting a range of diverse learners.

Kokanee staff have implemented a MTSS/PBIS program with a high level of fidelity and have regularly served as a support or site visit location for other schools working on the implementation process of PBIS. The team has one hundred percent participation in implementing the PBIS model and sets regular goals to ensure all students are receiving positive reinforcement, recognition for their contributions to the school community and responsive interventions to support increasing positive pro-social behaviors.

Kokanee is currently working to increase collaborative partnerships in a co-teaching model, so while this is not necessarily embedded throughout the school, they are providing flexible models at different grade levels based on student-need. Each student is known by name, strength and need at Kokanee. The Kokanee teams use data analysis to plan instruction and interventions, and each staff member takes responsibility for all students. Kokanee is known for the highly engaged, inclusive staff supporting all students with IEPs in a flexible model of service delivery.

Highlighting the following inclusionary practices:  

  • PBIS 
  • Flexible service delivery 
  • Collaboration

For more information, please visit: https://haringcenter.org/pdu/pdu-demo-sites/