Welcome to the Kokanee Library

The Kokanee Library is an inviting, resource-rich place where students and staff can find the information they need to be successful. The library boasts over 13,000 books and materials available for students, staff and parents.  These items can be located using our Online Patron Access Catalog (OPAC) which is available outside school through Destiny Quest.
We have a diverse collection of materials located in the following sections of the library:

  • Non-Fiction (Dewey #000-999)
  • Fiction/Novels (F)
  • Picture Books (P)
  • Graphic Novels (GN)
  • Beginning Chapter Books (BC)
  • Everybody Books (E)

The library uses educational technology, desktop computers for searching the catalog, and a mobile Chromebook cart that students use to access our library catalog, online resources, and work on individual and group projects. The library also has an instructional area with a laptop, projector, and interactive whiteboard.

Library Policies

Student Access

Students have scheduled library times weekly, as well as individual access before school and during open lunch recesses as staff are available. Each class has a 45-minute block of time where they come to the library for a 30 minute skills lesson and a 15 minute checkout. Books are checked out for one week (novels for two weeks) and can be renewed.

Library FAQ

How many times will my child come to library?
Classes come to library ONCE per week for 45 minutes.

Help! I turned my child's book to the public library!
No worries, it happens all the time. It takes a few weeks for the book to be mailed back to us. Your child will be able to checkout as normal. Please let the library staff know and we will work with you.

How many books can I check out at time?
Students can check out at least TWO books. Primary students will be strongly encouraged to check out at least one Just Right book at their reading level. Fifth grade students are expected to check out a novel regularly. This is of course as long as the child doesn't have any overdue or lost items.

How long can my child keep a library book?
Picture books and Just Right books may be checked out for ONE week and all other books are checked out for TWO weeks. A book can be renewed as long as someone else doesn't have the book on hold.

Can my child log into his/her account from home?
Yes! A student may log into his/her library account from school or home. This is helpful if the student wants to find out information about his/her library status, to create customized reading lists, or to place a hold. Just go to the library catalog page and look for the "Log In" link in the upper right portion of the page. The student uses his/her District log in information.

Can parents volunteer in the library?
Yes! The library relies on a team of hardworking, dedicated volunteers to function. Parent volunteers do tasks like check-in, check-out, shelving, processing new books, updating library materials, assisting students/staff, and manning the circulation desk. Training is provided in computer skills, library collection maintenance, and book repair/processing. It's a very rewarding experience in a stimulating, fast-paced environment. If you are interested, please contact librarian Jenni McKnight (jmcknight@nsd.org).

When is the library open?
During regular school hours, parents and students may stop by the library to return books or take care of library business. Students are welcome to use the computers in the library for research anytime during the day with permission from their teacher (provided a library staff member or parent is available to supervise).

What if my child loses or damages a book?
You may either pay the replacement cost of the book or replace the book with an exact NEW copy. We only accept hardback books as a replacement. It is suggested that replacement books match the ISBN of the old book if possible. We ask that damaged items be returned in whatever condition. Instead of replacing the lost book, you may instead pay the fine. Fines are payable in the front office.

Can students volunteer in the library?
Absolutely! Fifth grade students may fill out a Volunteer Service Application that is available from the main office. Both the parent and the teacher must sign the form. Students may volunteer as many days per week as they want. Most student volunteers work during lunch recess but opportunities in AM (before school) and during the school day may be available.

Does the library accept book donations?
We generally don't accept donations of used books because of the amount of work that goes into cataloging and processing them. Due to the amount of library staff time involved in book processing, we buy library bound, preprocessed books from specific library vendors only. However, if you have a lightly used hardback copy of a popular title, please ask the librarian if it can be accepted.

Is the library catalog available from home?
Yes! Please go to http://library.nsd.org. Click on Kokanee and you're in! Not only can you access the library catalog but also many of the subscription databases as well. Your student will need to login using their student credentials in order to access databases and their own library account information.

Can students place books on hold?
Absolutely! Students can place a hold on a book by logging into their library account, searching for a book, and clicking the Hold It button. They may also fill out a pink hold ticket available at the circulation desk. The hold will be good for 60 days. When the hold is ready it will be checked out to the student and put in his/her teacher's box. Only TWO holds may be placed at a time.

NSD Internet Safety & Citizenship

All Northshore staff believe in the importance of empowering students to engage with digital content and platforms to meet learning goals.

A critical element in leveraging technology for learning is the development of Digital Citizenship skills.  All students in Northshore receive annual instruction on Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety.

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Library Hours

9:30 am - 4:00 pm
9:30 am - 2:30 pm (early release)


Jennifer McKnight

Maria Tobias

"The more that you read, the more things you'll know.
The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

-Dr Seuss 

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